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Auxiliaries and pH Regulators

Xerpon® - Detergents/ washing - wetting agents, emulsifiers
Disperion® - Complexing agents, chelating agents, dispersants
Neutracid® - Acid buffers for pH regulation in dye-baths
Alkalon® - Carbonate-free, Liquid alkali buffers for reactives
Ultrair® - Anti-foaming agents
Ultralube® - Lubricating agents, surface friction modifiers
Reductor® - Aftersoaping Agents, color reducers
Hyperion® - Raw surfactants
Bactomer® - Anti-microbial agents, bacteriocides​

Finishing Agents and Textile Effects

Ultrasoft® - Silicone softeners and softening agents
Copolymer® - Special finishing effects, special softeners,

anti-stat, temperature regulators, hydrophilic agents
Ultrafast - Wet crocking improvement polymers
Hydromina - Organic & Fatty Acid based softeners​

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Products for Textiles

Water Treatment

Hyperfloc® KFL - Economic resin for color removal
Hyperfloc® KHC - Low-formaldehyde content polymer concentrate for color removal 
Hyperfloc® 2838 - High mineral salt content complex for flocculation
Hyperfloc® CP - High molecular weight cationic polymer
Hyperfloc® DAD - Formaldehyde free DAD-MAC polymer

Dyestuffs* (Coming Soon)​

Hyperactive - Reactive dyes

​Hyperse - Disperse Dyes